Twitter announces new policy, certification process for advertisements in US


San Francisco, Aug 31: In a bid to tackle political interference on its platform, Twitter rolled out a new policy aimed at increasing transparency and certification process for issuing advertisements in the US.

The new policies will come into effect from September 30.

Twitter’s Vice President of Trust and Safety, Del Harvey in a blogpost wrote the new policy will affect those ads that refer to an election or a clearly identified candidate or ads that advocate for legislative issues of national importance.

“To provide people with additional information about individuals or organisations promoting issue ads, we’ve established a certification process that verifies an advertiser’s identity and location within the US,” Harvey said.

Media organisations that want to run ads around their political coverage been exempted under the new policies

“We don’t believe that news organisations running ads on Twitter that report on these issues, rather than advocate for or against them, should be subject to this policy,” asserted Bruce Falck, General Manager, Revenue Product, Twitter.


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