Triple blasts near Police station in center of Damascus, Syria

Image Credit: RT News

Three attackers blew themselves up near the police headquarters in the Syrian capital of Damascus on Wednesday, claiming at least 2 lives , SANA news agency reported, citing the Interior Ministry. 

The Syrian Interior Ministry stated, the attackers detonated their explosive belts near the general police department in the Khaled Bin al-Walid street in the Fahammeh area in Damascus.

The ministry said two bombers tried to enter the department and clashed with the guards before blowing themselves up, while the third attacker was cornered by the police behind the department building, but also detonated his explosive belt, the ministry added.

Earlier this month, suicide bombers struck a police station in another part of the capital, with 17 people reported dead. Islamic State claimed that attack.

Syrian regime TV says two suicide bombers attack near police headquarters in Damascus. Twin suicide bombing in Damascus targeting police headquarters, preciously attacked by al-Qaeda with bombers daughters remotely.

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