Turning the table, Rubio mocks at Trump over sipping water


WASHINGTON, Nov 16: US President Donald Trump on Wednesday repeated a similar scene for which he skewered Florida Sen. Marco Rubio’s during 2013 speech.

On Wednesday, Trump was seen Awkwardly reaching for a water bottle during a televised speech — in a scene that surely handed sweet satisfaction to Marco Rubio, the Republican senator and Trump’s one-time rival for the White House.

Giving him the taste of his own medicine, Rubio, who unsuccessfully challenged Trump for their party’s presidential nomination took to his twitter handle to answer him back.

Four years back, Trump — and many others — had relentlessly mocked Rubio for taking an indecorous swig during a speech rebutting Barack Obama’s State of the Union address.

“When they put Marco on to refute President Obama’s speech, do you remember that catastrophe?” Trump asked a campaign crowd in Fort Worth, Texas, in February 2016. Trump mocked Rubio, saying, “He’s like this: ‘I need water. Help me, I need water,”‘ Trump said, pretending to stagger on stage.

“This is on live television. This total choke artist,” Trump said at the time, holding up a bottle of water, saying, “It’s Rubio.” Trump splashed the water around before tossing the bottle behind him on stage. “Unbelievable,” Trump said in 2016.

For Rubio, it was all water under the bridge. The senator joked after the president’s speech that Trump needs to work on his form.

Now history has been repeated once again but this time, Trump himself trapped in the controversy.

Several minutes into a White House speech summarizing his just-completed trip to Asia, Trump bent down to reach for water on a lower shelf of his podium.

After noticing there’s no bottle, he popped up to announce: “They don’t have water. That’s OK.”

When an associate signalled that there was a bottle to Trump’s right, the president leaned over, stared resolutely forward as he twisted off the cap, lifted the bottle to his lips with two hands, and took a sip.

Soon after the incident, Posts being flooded on Twitter to recall how Trump repeatedly ridiculed Rubio back in 2013 over his watery gaffe, and Wednesday’s footage quickly made it on to cable news.

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