Turkish plane crashes into Kyrgyzstan homes, 32 killed


Kyrgyzstan, Jan 16, 2017: Thirty-two people are reported dead in a crash of a Turkish Airlines cargo plane near the airport in the Kyrgyz capital, Bishkek.

Most of them were residents of a village struck by the Boeing 747 as it tried to land in dense fog.

According to the airport administration, the plane was supposed to make a stopover at Manas, 25km north of capital Bishkek, on its way from Hong Kong to Istanbul on Monday.

It happened at around 07:30 local time (01:30 GMT).

The body of one pilot has been recovered while at least 19 local people were killed when the Boeing 747 crash impacted on their homes, the healthcare ministry has claimed.

The country’s Emergencies Ministry said the plane crashed in a dacha community – basic housing often located just outside major former-Soviet cities.

The ministry said that “After the crash, two houses in the community caught fire. The firefighting effort is underway.”

Wefornews Bureau

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