Turkey, Qatar likely to jointly operate Afghan airports

Kabul Airport
Kabul Airport

New Delhi, Dec 24 : A joint delegation comprising Turkish and Qatari officials on Thursday arrived in Kabul to discuss their countries’ involvement in the operation of Afghanistan’s five airports, Tolo News reported.

The airports in Kabul, Balkh, Herat, Kandahar and Khost province will be jointly operated by Turkey and Qatar if they reach an agreement with the Islamic Emirate’s officials.

The Islamic Emirate’s Ministry of Transport and Aviation said the Taliban government will fully focus on the country’s national interests while signing agreements with Turkish and Qatari companies.

“The contract will be about the tower, ground handling and some more technical sections,” said Imamuddin Ahmadi, a spokesman of the transport ministry.

The ministry said that after the agreement is signed, international flights will be operational for 24 hours a day in Afghanistan, the report said.

The Kabul international airport was significantly damaged during the evacuation process in August.

“No serious problems exist now, readiness has been taken for flights, and some remaining problems will be resolved after the agreement,” said Abdul Hadi Hamdan, Director of Kabul airport.

Meanwhile, several aviation experts believe that international airlines will resume flights with full confidence if foreign companies operate Afghanistan‘s main airports.

“Afghanistan’s airports will meet international norms and standards after the agreement,” said an official, as per the report.

International and local flights were suspended at Kabul’s international airport and across Afghanistan after the Taliban seized power in August.

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