Tummy avoid yummy food in monsoon


New Delhi, June 6: Monsoon is already here and craving for yummy foods like pakora, samosa and chai starts. Whenever you think of papri chat, gol-gappa, sea-food mouth fills with water.

Be cautious in summers, they can harm your health with infections present in them. Try to avoid them in summers as they may carry virus or bacteria.

Some of delicious food items which to be ignored in summers are:-

  • Fried food

Fried food like chole-bhature, kachori is full of oil and butter but our stomach wants more of them with tea. Hold back before the thought comes in mind and avoid infections.



  • Open fruit

Cut-open fruit available in market is a big no in monsoon season as air makes fruits unhealthy which can lead to stomach infections and flu. Flies in open area also converts food harmful.


  • Road side fresh juice

Avoid fresh fruit juice in this season as the fruits cut in advance may be harmful that has long contact with contaminated air.



  • Sea food

Monsoon is the breeding season of fishes and prawns. If you are non-vegetarian, better to avoid them and go for chicken and mutton. Cook them properly before eating.



  • Leafy vegetables

Refrain from leafy vegetables like spinach, cabbage in monsoon, the grime and dampness present in them make them unhealthy. If you are fond of green vegetables, go for tori, tinda.



By Shikha Mehta

Wefornews Bureau


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