Truth wins! Kriti is back on Youtube, says Kunder


Asserts a fuming Shirish Kunder after his debut short, “Kriti”, is back on youtube, has now slapped a Rs 5-crore lawsuit on Aneel Neupane in damages.

Shirish Kunder was much in the limelight lately for his short film ‘Kriti’. The short film was much applauded by the masses for its intriguing concept. Shirish earned loads of laurels for his execution. The filmmaker landed in trouble when a Nepali director accused him of plagiarism.


The video sharing site YouTube then blocked down the viewing of both the films ‘Kriti’ and ‘BOB’ citing copyright issues. Shirish Kunder maintained his stand by saying that he can prove that his short film is not plagiarized.

The filmmaker has now emerged victorious in the same and his film ‘Kriti’ is back on YouTube. Shirish Kunder provided legal evidence to the video sharing hub and won.

Taking to his Twitter page, an elated Kunder wrote, “Truth wins! #Kriti is back on YouTube after proving evidences legally. A big thank you to all those who stood by us.”

However, Shirish Kunder is delighted as his short movie “Kriti” has been viewed over three million times on YouTube, after battling copyright issues.


“‘Kriti’ crosses three million views! Truth can be slowed down, but it cannot be stopped,” Kunder tweeted on Monday.

Kunder said: “‘Kriti’ was never treated as a short film. Since the inception of the idea, we have always thought of it as a full-fledged feature film and put a lot of efforts in it.”

“Today after millions of people watching it and film getting global audiences from places like Brazil, Poland, Egypt, Israel, and many more countries, and I have decided to double out efforts and showcase more of ‘Kriti’ to our audiences through the format of a web series or a feature film.”

The short film released on June 22.

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