Truth of Love and it’s Aroma in Life


It happened to me..yes it did
But I still don’t know what it is
It is beautiful at the beginning
And then it becomes ugly day by day
Who always wanted to see each other
Starts avoiding each other
10 phone calls a day and unlimited messages changes to few or sometimes not even one a day
What happens to the beauty of love
I really don’t know
Whom to blame
Ourselves or someone else
It always ends in tears n endless pain and sufferings
And those who disagree what I said Also knows somewhere that its a fact
And the person whom they claim to be in love is not their first love 99.9% of times.
Even they have seen this ugly side of love.
Tears , trauma, heart break, disappointments, conned are the good adjectives for love.
One person suffers and the other makes them suffer.
It’s a game of heart but strange that no one cares about other persons heart or feelings.
We still fall in love and we will continue falling in love as we believe that may be we haven’t met our soul mate yet.
But the fact is there is no soul mate.
We are in a generation where there is no contentment.We keep on looking for better options.
We don’t want to fix a broken relationship but we prefer to try a new one.
And that is the root cause of all problem.
Love is to value other person emotions , feelings.
Love is to respect each other
Love is to forgive the faults
Love is to accept the imperfection
Love is to be there when other says leave me
Love is to stand together during the worst time
Love is to find beauty in everything
Love is to multiply
Love is to give not demand
Love is Love not hate
It takes a lot of effort to love someone and a second to ruin everything. So don’t hurt anyone intentionally or unintentionally.
Be someone who brings Smile and not tears.
Love your love
Respect your love
Stand for your love
Be with your love
Spread love and make this world a beautiful place.

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