Trupti Desai fight continues, again tries to enter kapaleshwar temple

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Trupti Desai make second attempt to enter the inner sanctum of Kapaleshwar temple in Nashik. Earlier, the women activist were prevented from entering the sanctum sanctorum of the temple last Thursday.

Desai said that while at the other temples they were fighting only against gender inequality, at Kapleshwar its also about caste discrimination.

“Kapaleshwar Mandir in Nashik doesnt allow women inside the sanctum sanctorum, there is also casteism”, Last time, when we tried to enter the temple, we were told by the priests that we are of lower caste, and hence they would not allow us to enter the inner sanctum, Desai claimed.

“I hope today the women will get their rights, and police should not stop us,” she added.

Except the priests, both men and women are not allowed to enter the  inner sanctum of the temple, which is situated on the banks of river Godavari.

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