Trump’s xenophobic approach may ruin US


A good businessman cannot always be considered as an effective administrator  and this amply fits to US President Donald Trump .Trump’s xenophobic approach towards other nationalists and religions will ruin traditional American values of freedom and openness to new ideas besides isolating America while enjoying the status of world power.Trump has escalated war  with mainstream US media by banning several major US  media organisations ,including CNN and the New York Times from an off-camera briefing held by White House.Countries normally copy or refer to the Super power  rules,pattern,style  and equality through which every person is respected and when US President Trump  is abusing journalists and undermining their credibility what can be expected from the other countries.

Trump is being seen attacking the media on daily basis on Twitter or in speeches and even stating that news organisations are providing “fake news”  and brands them as  “enemy of the people”.

President Trump then announced that he won’t be attending the annual correspondents dinner in April,a social event for the President  and the Fourth estate. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer  has said that he wants to be transparent and have a good relationship with the press as open access for the media is “what makes a democracy, a democracy versus a dictatorship.

Trump is unhappy over the questions being asked as he is not accustomed to answer to his employees being owner of his  business. But now Trump is President and both  Press and American citizens will ask him questions on all policy matters.He therefore cannot escape questions about his aides and associates that were in contact with Russian officials during the 2016 election campaign, resignation of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn who has been accused of discussing sanctions with a Russian ambassador before Trump became President  and keeping the conversation to himself and the fallout of his executive order of banning citizens from seven Muslim countries.Further Trump is in dilemma over the foreign policy on China as well as  Russia .


But chief strategist Steve Bannon counted Trump administration achievements including  ‘immediate withdrawal from TPP, executive orders on building border wall to crack down on immigration and by appointing business leaders to administrative posts for policy making’.

Actually President’s popularity ratings have fallen and no concrete achievements have come out in public domain.Instead nationwide protests are being staged  to express displeasure with Trump’s policies and pronouncement in addition to Hollywood’s United Talent Agency   and  held an anti-President Trump rally featuring Jodie Foster, Michael J .Fox,Keegan-Michael Key and other celebrities.

arti bali

By : Arti Bali

Senior Journalist


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