Trump’s vision to make ‘America a great nation’ sends jitters among world leaders


Vowing to rebuild America a great nation again, President Donald Trump announced domestic and foreign policies that has created confusion and fear for all the world leaders.Unraveling his domestic economic policy Trump has announced an era of protectionism whereby the shuttered companies will be reopened and new manufacturing units and business infrastructure will be established with American labour thus specifically driving illegal immigrants out of the jobs.

This inward looking approach will badly hit economies  around the world and will be instrumental in bringing  back the wealth of the middle class Americans that was stolen away by the Asian countries.


As Trump reverses the North American Free Trade Agreement with Canada and  Mexico and other trade deals with other countries ,the bilateral ties  of United States will countries will also be affected and their illegal workers in America will be curtailed.

The geopolitical consequences of Trump’s announcements will adversely affect terrorism with introducing legal barriers to immigration and stem the tide of ISIS that America was hitherto combating .

Trump confirmed a decisive shift from Obama’s foreign policy by enunciating close ties  with Israel and Saudi Arabia thus backing  Benjamin Netanyahu on settlements in West Bank and East Jerusalem  while siding  with Riyadh in terming Iran-US Nuclear deal a big mistake.


Following Kissienger theory of seducing Russia , Trump will move ahead for confrontation  with China on economic, monetary policies including trade.

For strategic and Naval supremacy, Trump openly stated  to oppose Beijing’s influence  in South China Sea and end One-China policy regarding Taiwan.

Making clear  to the world that US will first defend its borders rather than spending millions of millions of dollars in defending US allies,Trump is going to dump Trans Pacific Partnership with South Korea and Japan asking them to pay for the nuclear weapons  for their defence.

President Trump also plans  to mak NATO more meaningful for US defence  and may also enter into new agreements that will secure US borders.

This huge task of turning around the decades long economic and foreign policies of previous US administration will unfold his ability to give a shape  to his vision.

arti bali

By : Arti Bali

Senior Journalist


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