Trump’s policies vs Jinping’s vision

Donald Trump
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One year of his ruling the United States, President Donald Trump has unwittingly revealed the fault-lines in his policies of dealing with North Korea nuclear and ballistic missile programme and cutting off  aid to Pakistan on the grounds that Islamabad is not helping U.S. foreign policy priorities like clamping down on the Taliban and Haqqani network  for stabilizing  Afghanistan.

He has further diminished America’s global leadership role by tweeting about his foreign policies which are required to be kept secret,relying to each and every statement of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un threatening Palestine Authority and Pakistan with cancelling aid.

Trump has abandon the art of diplomacy which had been used by countries and the super power as well to avert war, resolve conflicts between the countries so as to progress in economic ties and to unitedly confront common threats such as terrorism, drugs, global warming etc.

Trump has been disregarding every norm and traditions being followed by a leader of the super power and has shrunk America’s profile by abandoning support to NATO’s finances (The North Atlantic Treaty Organization) which has been a cornerstone of American foreign policy for more than 60 years.

He attacked the organisation as “obsolete” and characterized its members (Member Countries) as ungrateful allies  who benefit from US largess.

In his latest and first tweet of the new year, Trump attacked Pakistan by accusing the country of lying and deceiving the United States and threatening to withdraw billions of dollars of its aid.

The decision to cut funding comes only days after President Donald Trump tweeted by claiming that the U.S. received nothing but “lies and deceit” for the $33 billion in aid the U.S. gave Pakistan between 2002 and 2018. The Trump administration had already announced it would cut $255 million in funding while  reviewing Pakistan’s security strategies.

But Trump’s decision could backfire currently, the U.S. and NATO depend on Pakistan for logistical support for their combat operations against terrorism in Afghanistan and in the region. However, the major part of the funding has been invested on advancing US military interests.

On the contrary, Trump tweet has helped boost the already close ties to deepen  strategic relationship between Beijing and Islamabad as the State Bank of Pakistan announced the use of Yuan in bilateral trade  and investment activities thus dumping US dollar.

Not only economically, China is also contemplating building its second overseas military base at Jiwani for greater maritime capabilities, a strategically located port close to the Iranian border on the Gulf of Oman.

China is making geopolitically huge and quick moves in Asia when US President Trump is engaged with North Korea  and is calling China to put pressure on Pyongyang to curb on developing nuclear and ballistic missile  ambitions.

Assertive China has been continuously progressing constructing hangars, missile shelters on disputed islands, reefs in South China Sea and it is estimated that they have built approximately 290,000 sq m thus increasing its regional influence and dominance.

In spite of having the  best brains  in the form of Mc Master, Rex Tillerson and James Mattis, Trump has heightened nuclear tensions with North Korea and threatened Tehran of cancelling the nuclear accord with Iran for keeping its ally Saudi Arabia satisfied and  is not focusing on key areas where US had enjoyed its hegemony for decades.

When Mattis was asked if he favors cutting off the Pakistan aid, he said, “I prefer not to address that right now because it’s obviously still being formulated as policy.  But I’ll give my advice on it to the president.  I also agree on some confidentiality there.”

Xi Jinping, China’s President, who is a core leader  and his powers are being equated to that of Mao Zedong, is moving ahead to achieve his vision of making China’s military number one in the world, eliminating poverty  and building a robust economy by mid-century  and “One Belt, One Road,” is a path to attain that goal.

While Trump who is working to make America great again,  is toeing a different line as compared to his predecessors, but his plans can be stalled or obstructed by Democrats. Therefore, he is threatening countries to follow its foreign policy lest their aid will be stopped.

Moving ahead to accomplish his mission of “Putting America first”, Trump plans is to infuse $1 trillion into America’s infrastructure of highways, bridges, airports and power stations to push his domestic ratings and country’s growth.


By: Arti Bali

Senior Journalist

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