Trump’s diplomacy with China ,Russia to stabilize Middle East and combat Daesh militarily

Trump Xi Jinping

When the main agenda of President Donald Trump is to boost the US economy by introducing a better foreign policy with the best of efforts (reduce the burden on US economy by cutting down on expenditure in Iraq, Afghaistan and middle East) that may enhance the America’s status as a world power and a great nation.Trump has started applying his diplomatic approach of bringing various countries round to his views in order to end to an extended chill with China and possibly Iran.

US President regretted over trillions being spent on foreign wars instead of using the resources for establishing manufacturing units, building infrastructure projects or to replace obsolete trains,roads, for introducing Next generation road traffic and air traffic systems.

First of all ,Donald issued warning to China and then he preferred to resolve the issue with diplomacy by telling Xi Jinping that US government will uphold the 44 year old  ‘One China’ Policy.

The two leaders also agreed on the necessity and urgency of strengthening cooperation between Beijing and Washington and Beijing  agreed to work with Washington on a range of issues including the economy and trade,science ,energy , communications and global stability.

Donald’s style of running his administration is to directly and indirectly let other countries know that in any strategic, bilateral or economic dealings American interests should be taken care of and that what every country wants to safeguard their own interests without harming any other countries.

United States has spent six trillion dollars in just two months in the Middle East  and and Trump is disappointed that US has achieved nothing in return not even an oil well.

Likewise Russia, Iran and China have stated that a political solution is preferable to resolve Syrian and Iraq crisis .Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif  said Tehran wants to work with international community and both Russia and Tehran intend to go for a political solution to solve Syrian and Iraq crisis.And this approach can also be applied  to both Yemen and Bahrain and it is for the people of the concerned countries to decide about their leadership issues .

The most important aim of Donald is to eliminate Daesh or ISIS  and to ban refugees from entering US or Europe from middle eastern nations .Trump and his core team involving US Secretary of Defence James Mattis’s strategy is not to indulge or allow other countries like Saudi Arabia to worsen the chances of any diplomatic solution to the ethnic and sectarian conflicts in Syria  and Iraq and rather they should assist the countries to fight Daesh so that the displacement of the people to the European countries due to bombarding of the terror affected countries is minimized.

The middle east region is in turmoil and challenges from the spreading of Daesh, extremism, sectarian violence has put the neighbouring countries in a difficult situation .

Trump’s core team strategy is to combat Daesh or ISIS militarily in the world with partnership with Russia and other countries as the jihadists and extremism started spreading  after the 2011 Domino effect of spring revolution that engulfed the Mid east countries and now the terror is targeting Western nations. However Trump will bring in diplomatic approaches for stabilizing the countries in the conflict zone.

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By : Arti Bali

Senior Journalist

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