Trump’s controversial journey during presidential election


Trump’s presidential election journey has been the most controversial journeys in the modern history. He insulted many voter demographic groups, argued for United States should play a different role in the world and stood up against the accepted norms about democratic elections.

Here is the series of controversies during the campaign since the July convention.

  1. Trump’s alienation to women? 

Though, the reports show that Clinton was holding a lead in the double-digits over Trump among female voters. Surveys have seen a majority of voters believe Trump’s statements about women are relevant to the presidential race. In the recent reports of CNN/ORC poll, it was found that 60% of voters have a strong conviction about how Trump treats women “is an important indicator of his character and ability to serve as president.”

How this fact is relevant?

Because, in October reportedly at least 11 women accused Trump for sexual assault and misconduct. However, Trump denied all the allegations and called them liars.

Because, he called Clinton a “nasty woman” in the final presidential debate, which became a rallying cry for the supporters of the first female presidential nominee.

Because, Trump has repeatedly critiqued the weight of Alicia Machado, a former Miss Universe.

Here, is an excerpt from that piece:

Mic combed through Trump’s Twitter feed to find the most egregious instances of his sexist attacks. They provide a good look at Trump’s treatment of women over the past few years — in addition to other sexist comments he’s made in media appearances, such as the time he and radio shock jock Howard Stern discussed how “vagina is expensive” in 1997. 

  1. Trump insulted minorities? 

Trump also questioned over the capabilities of a judge of Mexican descent, born in Indiana, if he could effectively adjudicate a legal case against Trump University. Was Trump’s questioning over Judge Gonzalo Curiel had a conflict of interest? His Mexican heritage.  It happened in early August, after the Republican convention, Curiel strongly stated that the case against Trump would go to trial.

After Trump’s visit to Mexican president, republican put those rumors to rest in an Aug. 31 speech that was later doubled down on his plans to build a wall and deport people living in America illegally.

Trump frequently referred the ‘inner-cities’ of America, and cited high numbers of shootings in Chicago as evidence that Democratic politicians have failed to help blacks living in those communities. In his rally in the month August, he appealed black voters by saying, “What do you have to lose?”

After the Democratic National Convention, Trump chose to pick arguably the least winnable fight possible: He insulted Muslims and Muslim American parents of a soldier who died in Iraq in 2004. Afterwards, Khizr and Ghazala Khan, the parents of Army Capt. Humayun Khan, appeared onstage to criticize Trump.

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