Trump takes first step towards H-1B visa reform


Washington, April 19: US President Donald Trump, hammering his “America First” campaign theme, signed an executive order that he said would favour American companies for federal contracts and tighten the H-1B visa programme for foreign technical workers.

The move is a deterrent to Indian IT firms which send software engineers to the US on H-1B visas.

Trump signed the “Buy America, Hire America” order on Tuesday night during a visit to a tool factory in the US state of Wisconsin, reported CNN.

The order tasked four department heads of State, Justice, Homeland Security and Labour to propose reforms in order to ensure H-1B visas are given to the “most-skilled or highest paid” petitioners.

Additionally, it asked them to propose new rules and guidance for preventing fraud and abuse of work visas.

Trump made it clear that he doesn’t agree with fact that H-1Bs are currently doled out under a lottery system.

Right now, H-1B visas are awarded in a totally random lottery, and that’s wrong. Instead, they should be given to the most skilled and highest-paid applicants, and they should never, ever be used to replace Americans,” the US President asserted.


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