Trump reverses China’s Policy,Beijing terms it ‘Protection policy’

Donald Trump

US President -elect Donald Trump is wooing countries having strategic clash with China  in South China Sea and elsewhere .While China charges that Trump’s policy amounts to collecting “protection money”by referring to his statement to make the US’s allies pay America for helping defend them .

Giving an insight into his foreign policy,Donald Trump posted a tweet “The President of Taiwan Tsai Ing-wen called me today to wish  me congratulations on wining the Presidency.Thank you!”This almost reverses US policy of ecognizing ‘Taiwan-China as One China’ followed since Jimmy Carter in 1979 rather the US President elect has made it clear to China that henceforth it will not follow the submissive diplomatic decisions of the previous administrations  and the President of the United States of America will talk to whom so ever he wants in the interest of his country and nobody can dictate any sort of terms to the superpower.

After China criticised US for taking the call of Taiwan,Trump retaliated via twitter by letting it know that it never consulted US for devaluing their currency  and for building  a massive military complex in the South China Sea.

He conveyed a clear message to China that Washington is going to get tough in its dealing with Beijing and the world should not underestimate him in handling the world affairs.

Acknowledging that Taiwan has become militarily weak and economically ruined because of China’s policies and Trump has worked out a plan to upgrade the status of US representation in Taiwan thereby restoring full diplomatic relations with it.

President Tsai Ing-wen will meet members of Trump’s team  while in New York on her way to Central America  before his inauguration on January 20.

Trump refuses to even entertain any interference from China in this regard and Communist Party authorities will be closely watching all the developments keenly and will plan their diplomatic and strategic moves.

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By : Arti Bali Senior Journalist

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