Trump-Putin in partnership to fight ISIS ,Turkey-China axis to counter

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Two super powers US and Russia have joined hands to eliminate Islamic State from Syria  and elsewhere .After speaking to President Vladimir Putin in detail on phone on forging a partnership to fight terrorism in a conclusive manner in Syria  and other countries, President Trump ordered the Pentagon to submit a detailed strategy to defeat ultimately the Islamic State within 30 days .

To implement his policies aggressively,Trump signed a presidential memorandum that appoints and allows only chief strategist Steve Bannon,the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Director of National Intelligence  as a regular attendee of the National Security Council’s Principal’s Committee where the policy issues  and expertise are discussed.

With James Mattis as defence Secretary and Bannon as adviser to Trump on foreign policy matters,US will fine tune the final strategy on how to deal with modern and high technological threats .Trump’s team will be focused on giving extra powers to US advisers in Iraq and Syria by delegating them the powers of proceeding to the front lines with  free hand to shoot down the terrorists of Islamic State  and other outfits .

As Russia played a key role in Syrian crisis and the recently  Astana talks where representatives from seven countries

Russia,Turkey,Iran,the Syrian regime ,the UN represented by its mediator Staffan di Mistura ,the armed rebels led by Mohammed Alloush (ppolitburo member of Jaish al-Islam armed group) and the US as an observer participated were carried out inconclusively.There are 7 armed groups fighting against Bashar al-Assad in Syria namely Failak al Sham,Jabhat al-Shamiya,Jaysh Idlib,Jaysh al Mujahideen,Jaish al Islam, Ahrar al Sham and Thuwar alSham .

Alloush stated that as long as Iran backed Shiite militias are in Syria no resolution can be achieved where as Turkey is not in favour of Kurdish presence (Kurdish Democratic Union Party)in resolving the Syrian crisis.

As the Islamic State loses much territory in Mosul,the only Iraqi city ,the group is continuously fighting for territory in Syria to maintain supply lines between Raqqa and Iraq.

Moreover US will not be a mere spectator to Turkey President Erdogan’s move of expanding Islamic influences in his country that look like its transformation into a sort of Ottoman empire.

There is a likelihood that rapid developments in Turkey,China’s expanding naval bases in other countries  and the Islamists forces across the world may create another axis to counter the super power alliance of  US-Russian-UK-Japan-Germany and France .

arti bali

By : Arti Bali

Senior Journalist

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