Trump plans to mediate in India-Pakistan matters shows Modi’s incapability in handling Kashmir issue

With US envoy to the United Nations Nikki Haley’s sudden announcement of President Trump himself intervening in resolving the India-Pakistan tensions shows that Pakistan has won the game of internationlizing the Kashmir issue when Indian Prime Minister  Narendra Modi is busy in state elections  and failed to calm down the rising sentiments of the Kashmiri people.

Kashmir issue remains the most emotive issue of India and the most important point is that it is  Kashmir that safeguards the defence of the country  and  Narendra Modi fails to find any time, policy or strategy to deal  with the ongoing crisis in Kashmir especially after the deteriorated situation in Jammu and Kashmir since 2016 .

It is worth pointing out that Kashmir issue was handled properly under the Congress rule at the centre and the prevailing escalation in Kashmir between the stone pelters and the security forces started in Modi’s regime,the cross-border firing has reached optimum level since January 2015 and jihadists attacks on security forces taking a toll on Indian armed forces  where as Pakistan is not suffering any casualities of its armed forces.

Modi must understand the gravity of the situation when Trump is ready to play a pro-active role in deescalating tensions between India and Pakistan . This is a clear pointer to third party intervention in Kashmir which is an integral part of India.

The India -Pakistan cross border firing across Line of Control escalated on daily basis after the publicity  by the Modi government of the surgical strikes carried by Indian forces  on the terror launch pads across the LoC   when terrorists were preparing to infiltrate from Pakistan occupied Kashmir.Previous Indian governments were wise enough of not publicizing the Indian military operations in Pakistan to eliminate the terrorists so that the Kashmir issue does not get internationalize.

 Modi should have applied his diplomatic skills to resume Indo-Pak dialogue and by engaging all sections of the Kashmiri society to normalise the Kashmir crisis and apprise the International community about the Pakistan’s intelligence agency ,the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) funding the Kashmiri separatist leaders  including Syed Ali Shah Geelani  to fuel unrest in  Kashmir

Haley said “Trump administration is concerned about the relationship between India and Pakistan and wants to de-escalate any sort of conflict going forward and we don’t think we should wait till something happens.Trump will play a pro-active role as we are seeing tensions rise and conflicts start arising .”

arti bali

By : Arti Bali

Senior Journalist



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