Trump nominates new Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director

 Aug 7: US President Donald Trump has formally nominated the acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to hold the position permanently.

Trump made the announcement on Monday after which he tweeted: “Democrats want open borders and they want to abolish ICE, the brave men and women that are protecting our country from some of the most vicious and dangerous people on earth! Sorry, we can’t let that happen! Also, change the rules in the Senate and approve strong border security!”

Vitiello was made the Deputy Director of ICE in late June.

When he took on that role, Vitiello also became the Acting Director because Director Tom Homan was retiring.

ICE is the primary agency that arrests and deports undocumented immigrants in the US.

The “abolish ICE” slogan has grown amid an international outcry over the administration’s separation of thousands of families at the southern border, though the agency has only a tangential role in that process.

The separations were conducted by the Customs and Border Protection so adults could be transferred to Department of Justice custody for prosecution.

In a statement, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen praised the nomination and asked the Senate to “quickly” confirm Vitiello.

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