Trump encourages boycott against Harley-Davidson

Donald Trump
Donald Trump, File Photo

Washington, Aug 13 : US President Donald Trump said it was “great” that consumers might boycott American motorcycle manufacturer, Harley-Davidson if it moves some of the company’s production overseas.

The President tweeted about the potential boycott on Sunday, reports CNN.

“Many @harleydavidson owners plan to boycott the company if manufacturing moves overseas. Great!” Trump wrote.

“Most other companies are coming in our direction, including Harley competitors. A really bad move! US will soon have a level playing field, or better.”

Tensions have been brewing between the Trump administration and Harley-Davidson for months.

It started when the President imposed hefty tariffs on steel and aluminium imports earlier this year in an effort to bolster domestic manufacturing.

The European Union (EU) responded by pledging to raise tariffs on a list of goods that are imported from the US, including Harley motorcycles, CNN reported.

Harley said it stands to lose as much as $100 million a year, and the company pledged to shift some of its production abroad so that it could avoid the added tariffs on motorcycles sold in the EU.

Trump accused Harley of using the European retaliatory tariffs as “an excuse” for moving manufacturing abroad.

The President also said last month his administration was “working with other Motor Cycle companies who want to move into the US”.


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