Trump calls for ‘national anti-crime agenda’

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has taken a major step to fight against the violent crimes in US states. He has launched a “national anti-crime agenda.”

He had condemned the turning of protests being violent as it happened in North Carolina.

“Our country looks bad to the world, especially when we are supposed to be the world’s leader. How can we lead when we can’t even control our own cities,” Trump said during a speech in Pittsburgh on Thursday to a conference of shale oil and natural gas producers.

The two-night protest for a man who was shot dead by police turned into violence on Wednesday night. Civilians and police were injured during the same. The police said that the man was armed.

Trump is keen in keeping the law and order intact. He started his campaign and appealed everyone to join his campaign and he once again asked Afro-Americans to join the same.

“The people who will suffer the most as a result of these riots are law-abiding African-American residents who live in these communities where crime is so rampant,” Trump said.

“There is no compassion in tolerating lawless conduct. Crime and violence is an attack on the poor and will never be accepted in a Trump administration, ever, ever.”

Earlier, Trump said that he will increase the number of police officers in order to decrease the crime rate.

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