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Travel to Mexico

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World Architecture Travel (WAT), an international network for architectural tours now brings to you a unique travel experience to Mexico from October 28th to November 10th, 2017. The tour is designed, and planned integrating architecture, design, art, and culture metamorphosing into a memorable 360 degrees experience. The tours are interspersed with a blend of explorations, interactions, lectures, a peek into the lesser known, escapades and much more that stimulates, enlightens and exhilarates. The team of professionals and travelers are bound by the common thread of our intense love and passion for traveling, places and people. The tour features some of the architectural marvels in the region namely Chichen Itza, Cuernavaca, Merida, Puebla, Tulum Ruins among others.

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Ancient Mexico, the land of the Mayan civilization, was a highly evolved society, evident from archeological finds as early as 2500 B.C or earlier. Teotihuacan, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a city believed to have been established around 100B.C and lasted until the 8th century A.D, is architecturally and anthropologically significant, being one of the largest cities of that period, in its complex multi-residential, multi-floor residential compounds, pyramids and shrines built to accommodate a population of 125,000 or more of multi-ethnic groups. Itza and Toltec invaders occupied and influenced the art and architecture of the Mayans.

Schele and Freidel in ‘A Forest of Kings: The Untold Story of the Ancient Maya’ write,

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“To the Maya, the world was alive and imbued with a sacredness that was especially concentrated at special points, like caves and mountains. The principal pattern of power points had been established by the Gods when the cosmos was created. Within this matrix of sacred landscape, human beings built communities that both merged with the God-generated patterns and created a second human-made matrix of power points. The two systems were perceived to be complementary…. Thus, as Kings built and rebuilt temples on the same spot over centuries, the sanctums within became even more sacred…. There were rituals which contained the accumulated power of objects, people and places when they were no longer in active use. And conversely, when the community became convinced that the power was gone from their city and ruling dynasties, they just walked away.”

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Mexico City, just about 40 km from the ruins of Teotihuacan, today is a chaotic metropolis with over 21 million inhabitants living in high density within a volcanic valley. Citing, Daniel Rauchwerger, ‘The Mexican Moment: The rise of Architecture’s latest Design Capital’, Architecture, and a unique cuisine, is what draws visitors to this city today. Challenges for architects and planners are abundant here but a strong sense of appetite for updated architecture is felt almost everywhere here, and a rare and exciting energy to act, change, move and create as it nourishes architectural education and innovation within and attracts international firms at the same time.

‘Me-Mo’, short for Mexican Moment, is a term invented by local architects. Local Architectural firms like Jose Castillo’s Arquitectura911sc, Productora, young architects like Frida Escobedo along with a host of brilliant designers like Tatiana Bilbao, Fernando Romero, Alberto Kalach, Enrique Norten, Issac Broid are creating a wonderfully new Mexico that the Modernist movement architect and designers like Luis Barragan, Felix Candela, Pedro Ramirez Vasquez, Mario Pani and others paved in the recent past. Mexico City is proving to the world how the present and the past can lead to a promising future through all the chaos and problems of a developing country but with a respect and sensitivity toward its culture and history.

About World Architecture Travel (WAT):

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World Architecture Travel (WAT) a unique travel portal that explores architecture & culture is supported by The World Architecture Festival (WAF) the annual festival and awards ceremony for the architecture industry dedicated to celebrating and sharing architectural excellence from across the globe. WAT supported by WAF has inked a strategic brand alliance to offer a host of benefits to architectural travelers. WAT reaches out to individuals with a passion for architecture, urban design and culture, travels to places of modern architecture, unexplored places, a well planned places experience of contemporary architecture. Through city walks, culture trails and academic discussion are organized with a team of experienced architects, historians and academicians. Our passionate teams of planners bind in local architecture, building culture, current architecture developments, and urban design as part of your travel experience

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