Transforming Anxiety Into Tranquility With Aromatherapy

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Aromatherapy is a science of healing through fragrances & Aromatic essential oils that are extracted from a wide spectrum of curative healing plants & is considered as a benchmark of alternative medicines which are used for the preservation of health maintenance and human psychophysical balance.

The Breath, energy, relief, comfort, solace, restoration, serenity & calm state of mind are not only an essential component for our existence but also a vital energetic aspect for a living a well balanced life.


Ashna Ddhannak,MD &CEO of Holistic Life Coach said “Occasionally the ultimate moment in life is the realisation of the Life force within us “.

Causes of Anxiety & Repercussions –According to the Quantum’s Physics everything in the universe is made up of vibration or energy & these thoughts can emanate from within or we may pick on stray thoughts from others as well.

According to her anxiety is a type of mental health malfunction that specifically causes negative thinking, and the inability to control these thoughts that come into your head.

Anxiety related stress can be due to several other reasons like long term ill heath, side effects of sedatives, heredity and genetic makeup, chemical imbalances in the brain, harmful radiation from the environment and a mix of many other factors.

If left untreated for a long duration, it can lead to extreme fear, uneasiness & Panic attacks which can halter sleeping patterns greatly hampering one’s daily activities and interests at work and distorting relationships as well.

Realisation to turn around & look for Alternative Healing Options – As much as one relies on the modern medicine for treating their ailments, on a long run they may realise, that it has not cured it from the roots and has just given a temporary relief through the medications bringing the symptoms back time and again when dealing with high levels of stress says – Ashna Ddhannak

It then becomes integral need to focus on the old saying – “Prevention is better than Cure”. Here comes the need to look into various Alternative Healing modalities which can be adopted as a long term lifestyle changes that keeps one’s entire alignment of mind, body & soul fully integrated, helping them to lead a significantly wholesome & blooming life ahead.

How Aromatherapy can help – Aromatherapy is an ancient therapy which has a natural healing process to bring in peace and tranquillity within one’s space & helps to relive stress & various emotions disturbances, mental disorders, depression, headaches & Women related concerns like PMS, menopausal disorders etc.

Aromatic essential oils are pure extract from herbs that delivers the ethos of the aroma. To really experience the joy of Aromatherapy Ashna Suggests to use high quality essential oils which are 100% organic and pure.

She listed out various ways to use Aromatherapy – Some of these oils can be directly sniffed through the nose with a safe distance as it instantly helps to bring in deep levels of relaxation & they can also be applied on the pulse points for immediate relief and feeling of calmness under extreme pressure.

Other ways to use them in your environment can be through burning in a diffuser as it helps to spread a mesmerising fragrance in your space. A few drops added into your bath tub can also help to heal body tiredness.

Using it in forms of Aromatic Perfumes or Aura Sprays can greatly heal the central nervous system, evoking a pleasant fragrance & feeling that one can remember for long, because of its power to stir positive emotions.

Assorting & Blending specific oils can bring in great synergy- For eg –

· Burning Lavender & Frankincense Oil in your home can banish negativity.

· Using Rose & Geranium oils on your pulse points can infuse feelings of love and compassion.

· Lemon Grass & Mandarin are known as great stress busters.

· Sniffing Jasmine and Chocolate oils can treat mood swings & depression

· Ylang Ylang & Bergamot induces deep sleep and relaxation.

“Enlightening Lifestyle” – Miind Wellness Boutiique offers various pure Aromatic Blends that helps to bring in great Joy, Happiness, Peace & Blessings in one’s space.

Majic Of Niravanaa Blend – It helps to progress towards a Divine Journey with Agarwood & Anglica Fragrances.

Enlightening Sunshine Blend – It helps to bring out a sense of Joy & Freedom with Wild Orange & Island Hibiscus Fragrances.

Irish Blessing Blend – It helps to open out the heart chakra & heals the soul with Dark Patchouly & Cocoa Bean Fragrances.

Gratitude Express Blend – It helps to foster an attitude of Gratitude & Thanks giving with Myrrh & Geranium Fragrances.

Suraksha Kavaach Blend – It helps to embrace the feeling of safety and security with French Lavender, All Spice and Peppe

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