Train Derails at Platform 3 of Kanpur Central Railway station

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Indian Railways: Train Derail at Kanpur Stations Platform no 6.

Kanpur, Aug 28: Three coaches of a Kanpur-Lucknow passenger train derailed while switching tracks on platform number three of Kanpur Central Railway station in Uttar Pradesh on Wednesday morning.

Though no one was injured in the incident, the derailment caused a chaos like situation at the railway station as several pillars and a part of the platform were damaged.

Railways officials said their priority was to clear the route, which has been affected since 6.50 a.m. when the derailment took place. The coaches are being taken off with the help of cranes.

Deputy Chief Rail Traffic Manager Himanshu Shekhar said two of the coaches that derailed were meant for women. The cause behind the derailment is immediately not known and an inquiry panel is being constituted to investigate.

There has been 5 incidents of train derailment in Uttar Pradesh this year.

Fifteen persons were injured when 12 coaches of the Howrah-New Delhi Poorva Express derailed near Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh in April , 2019.
Inquiry was ordered into accident near Kanpur; 28 trains diverted and 16 cancelled.

The train was going to New Delhi when the incident occurred near the Rooma railway station — about 20 km from here — in Kanpur Nagar district around 12.50 a.m. Four out of the 12 derailed Linke Hofmann Busch (LHB) coaches had overturned, North Central Railway public relations officer Amit Malviya said

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