Traffic movement hit as police barricade Delhi-Gurugram border

Gurugram: Massive traffic snarl occurred at Delhi-Gurugram expressway after Delhi Police barricaded the lane coming from Gurugram side.

According to the police, they have inputs about a group of people from Mewat going towards old Delhi in support of protesting students Jamia Milia.

Police had barricaded the expressway and have opened just one lane around 8 a.m. to check vehicles. As a result, traffic from the Gurugram side came to a standstill.

Many commuters, who took the wrong side of the expressway to reach their destinations ended up in traffic gridlock as motorists had occupied the service lane as well.

Traffic coming from the Mahipalpur side were also trapped in the snarl.

According to a senior official of thge Gurugram police, the traffic jam on the Gurugram side extended up to Signature Tower.

The Delhi Police have requested that information about the traffic jam be shared on social media platforms to alert commuters.

The situation has worsened after a large number of heavy vehicles were allowed to enter the expressway during pick hours.

When queried, a truck driver Sanjay Rathor said that he was on the expressway well before no entry was applied but got trapped in the traffic jam and unable to get out.

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