Trade unions call for nationwide protest on July 3 against changes in labour laws and privatisaion

Trade Unions strike

A joint forum of 10 central trade unions have called for another round of nationwide protest on July 3, second in less than two months, demanding immediate halt to changes in labour laws and government’s aggressive privatisation drive. A decision to this effect was taken at the meeting of the central trade unions (CTUs) June 3, 2020.

These unions had last held such a protest on May 22 alleging that the government failed to protect the rights of the workers during the nationwide lockdown since March 25 to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

According to the joint statement issued by the unions on Friday, the upcoming protest on July 3 is in preparation and prelude to further united struggle of prolonged non-cooperation and defiance of the government of India through its anti-people, anti-national policies.

The 10 trade unions include Ten central trade unions the Congress-backed INTUC, Left’s CITU and AITUC and others like AIUTUC, TUCC, HMS, SEWA, LPF, AICCTU and UTUC.

Even the RSS -affiliate trade union Bhartiya Mazdoor Sangh has called for a secodn round of nationwide agitation on June 10 of all its units associated with the public sector in protest against the government’s mega privatisation plan. The first such strike of BMS during the lockdown was held on May 20.

Besides, the trade unions have demanded that the government immediately convene the long overdue Indian Labour Conference to dwell upon the 12 point charter of demands, the labour and trade union rights, issues of job losses, wages, job security, the migrant workers’ issues including their journey to home and return journey to those who desire to join back their work, instead of frequently meeting only the employers and corporates organisations.

“We reiterate that the central government chose the cover of COVID-19 lockdown to push through its agenda of disinvestment and wholesale privatisation of public sector enterprises,” it said, urging all sections of workers to join the protest on July 3.

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