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Total Nine gangrapes held in Murthal during protests, reveals Amicus curiae




Haryana, Oct 13: Senior Advocate Anupam Gupta, who is the Amicus curiae appointed by Punjab and Haryana High Court in the Murthal gangrape case has revealed that a total of nine gang rapes took place on the dark night of 22 and 23 February.

He presented the fact to the court that SIT member Prakash Singh and additional chief secretary IAS officer Vijay Vardhan informed him that there has been 9 gangrape assault held.

Earlier, Anupam Gupta had accused state CM Manohar Lal Khattar of abusing Vijay Vardhan for revealing important leads in the case.

During the hearing on Thursday, Anupam Gupta had asked the court to transfer the Murthal gangrape case to CBI.

He told that the SIT was formed to investigate the riots wherein the SIT member Vijay Vardhan was provided details of gangrape by the Haryana’s former DGP KP Singh but Vardhan refused that he do not have any details in this regard in the court.

Hinting that there is some pressure of Manohar Lal ruling government or he is stepping on the behest of them.
Gupta also asserted that Haryana government is negligent towards the case and is focusing to prove that no assault took place in Murthal.

While Haryana police are claiming that as no victim has come forward to complain hence the investigation is halted.

Gupta said that the owner of Sukhdev Dhaba Amrik Singh had told him about the case but he did not inform any detail to SIT.

Also, on one side the state government is against of the CBI Investigation in the case while on the other hand, it has ordered CBI probe in the finance minister Abhimanyu’s case in which his house was set on fire and Munak Nahar riots.

Total 1212 FIRs have been registered including gangrape and Jat protests but only 921 interim reports have been formed, Gupta told High Court. In which there is no reports of 184 cases and only 172 arrests have been made yet and 81 Challans have been registered. While 1105 cases are still in the unattended list.

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Sonia terms Modi speech as old rhetoric, Rahul says it was weak



Sonia Gandhi

New Delhi, July 21 (IANS) UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi described Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech during no-confidence motion in Lok Sabha as an “old rhetoric” and Congress President Rahul Gandhi said it was “weak”.

The Congress party termed his speech as “dramebaazi” (theatrics).

The Modi government on Friday passed the no-confidence motion moved by the opposition with an overwhelming majority, with the government getting 325 out of a total 451 votes.

Only 126 MPs voted in favour of the motion.

Soon after the government won the no-confidence motion, Modi said that the NDA has the confidence of 125 crore people.

“NDA has the confidence of the Lok Sabha and the 125 crore people of India. I thank all the parties that supported us in the vote. Our efforts to transform India and fulfil the dreams of our youth will continue. Jai Hind!,” he said in a tweet.

Congress leader in Lok Sabha Mallikarjun Kharge said: “We posed questions to Prime Minister Modi on Rafael deal, Nirav Modi but he didn’t answer any.

“His speech was ‘dramebaazi’ (theatrics). He didn’t say anything for people of Andhra Pradesh. He was saying what previous governments had done and not what his government has done in four years,” he said.

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Peace in Kashmir impossible without Pakistan: Farooq Abdullah

You may not like what I am going to say. We will not have peace in Jammu and Kashmir unless we strike a deal with Pakistan,”



Farooq Abdullah

New Delhi, July 20 : Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah on Friday said peace in Jammu and Kashmir was impossible without involving Pakistan, asking the BJP government to give up its rigid stance and be flexible in solving problems in the terror-ravaged state.

“You may not like what I am going to say. We will not have peace in Jammu and Kashmir unless we strike a deal with Pakistan,” Abdullah said in his speech during the no confidence motion in the Lok Sabha.

He said he had high hopes on Prime Minister Narendra Modi that he would build peace with Pakistan that Atal Bihari Vajpayee could not do.

“North Korea, which was making nuclear missiles, atom bombs, has made peace with US President Donald Trump. Trump and (Russian President Vladimir) Putin are meeting each other to find peace. But we have failed to do the same for Jammu and Kashmir.”

In his short but fiery speech, the National Conference leader said the anti-Muslim rhetoric building up in the country needed to stop because it was dangerous.

“We won’t be defeated by America, Russia or any other nation. We will defeat ourselves. We will not be successful unless the Hindus and Muslims unite.”

Pointing his finger towards the ruling bench, Abdullah asked the BJP to take note of the fact that “Muslims are as Indians as you are”.

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No-confidence motion against Modi government defeated




New Delhi, July 20 : The no-confidence motion against the Narendra Modi government was defeated in the Lok Sabha on Friday after a 12-hour heated debate which saw the government and opposition trade charges and a moment of drama when Congress chief Rahul Gandhi, after a blistering speech, walked over to hug the Prime Minister.


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