Toll Collection On National Highways To Resume From Midnight


New Delhi, 2 Dec: The collection of toll at all toll plazas on national highways all around the country will resume from midnight of 2 December.

The government is also taking several measures to ensure a smooth movement of traffic.

All toll plazas have been equipped with adequate numbers of swipe machines so that people can make payments using their credit or debit cards.

Toll fee can also be paid via prepaid instruments and electronic wallets.

The government is also advising people to buy FASTags introduced by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.

The FASTags can be stuck on  the windshield of the vehicle, and toll payments are made directly from the prepaid account connected to it.

It is also advised to the highway users to carry adequate change with them to avoid delay.

The demonetised 500 rupee notes will be accepted till the midnight of 15 December, but this will only be for purchasing FASTags and for making toll payments of over 200 rupees.

 Wefornews Bureau

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