Tiware dam burst in Maharashtra: 2 killed, 25 missing; seven villages inundated.


Ratnagiri (Maharashtra), July 3 At least two persons were killed and another 25 missing after Tiware dam in Ratnagiri burst near Alore-Shirgaon village in Maharashtra late on Tuesday and seven villages were inundated.

About 12 houses near the dam have been washed away. Civil administration, police,volunteers ,teams of the fire brigade and the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF)have launched rescue operations on war footing.

According to police, the Tivare Dam which had started overflowing around 8 p.m. following heavy rain, reportedly breached soon after.

As the water gushed out in a flood-like situation, at least seven villages downstream were inundated, a dozen homes washed away and around two dozen people have been reported missing.

The dam was built in 2000 and people in the area claim they had informed the district authorities of its leakage two years back but no repairs were carried out.

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