Tips to stay away from body odour in summer

body odour

New Delhi, June 16: Sweating in summer is a big problem. Use of deodorizer or perfume make your armpit black. Experts say antiperspirant or rubbing lemon on your armpits keep body odour away.

Shikhee Agrawal, Head Training, The Body Shop, and Rohit Kumar Agrawal, Founder,, tells how to say no to body odour.

* Be hygienic: General sanitation is very important in summer which one can ensure by bathing twice a day. Antibacterial drops also help to keep the germs away and make you feel fresh.

*Rubbing lemon under the arms: The basic tip to kill bacteria is to rub your underarms with lemon for few minutes before wetting it off or squeeze a lemon into the bath bucket for few days to reduce the smell.

* Mix antiperspirant with deodorizer: Antiperspirant is essential to control the extreme sweat during summer. Combination of both can do wonders for your skin by keeping you light.

* Apply oils for foot: Refreshing oils like lavender, peppermint on feet is helpful in nourishing the feet and give pleasant fragrance, where sweat level is high.

* Carry a perfume: Perfume can eliminate the foul smell of sweat and converts it into a wonderful scent.

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