Tips to protect feather jewellery

feather jewellery

New Delhi, May 31: Feather jewellery is soft and delicate to maintain. Increase the life of jewellery by keeping them in a separate storage space and clean them properly, say experts.

Sonam Gupta, jewellery designer and founder, Zurie Design Studio, and Pritesh Goyal, jewellery designer, SLG Jewellers, share some tips to protect feather jewellery.


* Let them enjoy under light moisture wash:

Feather jewellery is not easy to wash under the tap. So, if you wish to clean them, hang them on the bathroom wall while you take a shower and let them take moisture bath from the shower.

* Don’t clean them frequently:

Ensure to clean them once in a month not with too much of chemical and water treatment, otherwise they will lost their beauty.

 * Store them separately:

Keep them safe from the heavy jewellery as feather jewels are extremely soft and delicate. They need a space which must be dust and moisture free or just hang them separately.

 * Give them a blow dry:

Blow drier is a best option when feathers get wet. Grab a blow drier turn it to slow speed and blow dry them from a safe distance.


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