Tips to cure smelly feet, sunburns at home

smelly feet

New Delhi, June 8: Sweat is irritating when it turns into smell. In summer and monsoon, people suffer from sweat and skin diseases. Reduce alcohol consumption, change your diet can help you out, suggest experts.

Acharya Chandra Kant Verma, Ayurvedic specialist at Amishi Naturals and Ridhi Arya, Dermatologist at Me Clinic, have listed ways to treat the issues:

* Wash feet correctly

Use vinegar baths in which you soak feet in one part vinegar and two parts water. This reduces the level of bacteria that causes odour.

* Apply antifungal oils

It is important to keep the feet clean, remove moisture by applying baking soda, cornstarch and arrowroot powder. Various antifungal oils like tea tree oil can be used.

* Do not wear dirty or sweaty socks or shoes

Always wear clean and dry socks otherwise it will create smell and rotten your feet.

* Take diet according to season

Change diet to add and eliminate certain nutrients to relieve perspiration.

* Reduce smoking

Consumption of alcohol and cigarette smoking may helps to create more sweat. Try to control on them,it will also help in the long run.

* Use powders

You can use products like antibacterial sprays, baby powder and talcum powder.

* Be herbal

There are also some herbs that will help you with the problem of smelly feet:

Aloe vera: It softens the skin without clogging pores. It improves skin dehydration. It reduces pore size, which helps keep out excess dirt and microbes.

Tulsi: Prevents inflammation as the leaves contain antibacterial and anti fungal compounds. It also helps in treatment of skin infection and restrict the growth of bacterium like E coli and B anthracis which cause skin infections.
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