Time of celebration is on with navratri

Symbolizing victory of positivity over negativity, Navratri literally interpreted as ‘nine nights’ and the most celebrated Hindu festival devoted to Goddess Durga symbolizing purity and power. Navratri festival combines ritualistic puja and fasting and is accompanied by celebrations for nine consecutive days and nights. These navratri follows the lunar calendar and called as Chaitra Navratri.

The Navratri festival begins with worship of devi Shailputri. As she is the daughter of King of mountains, she is admired with name ‘Shail Putri’.

Goddess Durga is personification of Shakti (power) and manifests herself in nine forms. These nine forms of Durga are religiously Worshiped one by one during nine days and nights of Navratri. Devi Shailputri is first among nine embodiments of Goddess Durga. Her glory is incredible. She is the Goddess of purity. With her veneration, Navratri is given an auspicious start. She is also a form of Mother Nature (Prakriti). Worshiping this Goddess on the first day of Navratri Pooja, devotees enters in Moolchakra.

Devi Shailputri is worshiped along with Mahadev, as she is the wife of Lord Shiva. She is also the mother of Kumar Kartikeya and Ganesha. As she is Prakriti, she looks after all living organisms including human beings, animals, trees, shrubs, plants and even tiny living things on Earth. She holds a lotus flower in her left hand and a Trishul (trident) in her right hand. A half moon decorates her forehead. She rides on a bull.

On this auspicious festival, Wefornews wishes everyone a very Happy Navratri.

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