Throw as many shoes as you want, I don’t fear you: Rahul Gandhi

Sitapur, September 26 : As thousands of people throng roads in Sitapur to meet Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi who is conducting 25 days Delhi to Deodra Kisan Yatra in Uttar Pradesh, a miscreant hurled a shoe that missed the Gandhi by a whisker.

Defiant Gandhi continued his road show, without a pause. He said I am here to fight for farmers and such incidents can not stop me from forwarding farmers’ voice to the center. Referring to opposition, he tweeted I am not scared of either your anger or your shoe.

The person has been identified as Hari Om Mishra and arrested thereafter. He said he was a journalist and had enraged anger towards Gandhi. Though a ploy to disrupt a popular public rally couldn’t be ruled out either.

Rahul however said, “I want to tell BJP, RSS people…throw as many shoes on me as you want, I don’t fear you.”

The media reports have already confirmed that the Kisan Yatra led by Rahul Gandhi has been a huge success. Opposition is wary about the way farmers are connecting to the Gandhi scion during his khat sabha this year.

He started his ‘Kisan Yatra’ on Monday after a two-day break and huge crowd flocked to meet him.


He reiterated again that PM Modi excused debt of businessmen instead of poor farmers.

We can proudly say that we waived off farmers’ debts during our regime, however prime minister covertly talks about the waivers he offered to industrialists.

Earlier in the day, Rahul took a jibe at Prime Minister who had to interact with farmers across the country through video conferencing on Monday as he pointed out that Modi is not willing to sweat out to meet farmers. As Modi is planning to talk from the distance of 2000 Kms, he questioned how can a leader who is not willing to sweat out for farmers can think for them.


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