Three years of Modi government: Major failures on many fronts

New Delhi, May 15: Many ups and downs were there in Modi’s government rule in the past three years from 26th May 2014 till date. High points in his three years work for the public are majorly negative.

There are many negative sides of Modi government:-

1. One or Two popular faces

In the Modi government, the main focus is on modi only. He is the only face of the government with one or two more faces like Amit Shah, Sushma Swaraj etc.

2. Finance ministry not upto the mark

Many ministries in the rule of Modi government were not met the expectations but the main ministry, Finance Ministry was suffered with many issues like imposing tax on PPF, created controversy.

3. No job opportunities

In the past three years, there were no major job opportunities for the educated people in the market rather in the year 2016 and few days back as well IT sector was laying off its employees.

4. Bad speaking skills in certain areas
The speech and expression of Modi on issues like Dadri lynching issue was his major drawback. He appealed to people to maintain peace and harmony not the solution.

5. Inexperience in running government
Only one political party who ruled the country on its own according to their rules and powers. To run a government, Modi must have immense patience, calm nature and politeness.

6. Shortage of consensus building quality
In a democratic country consensus is required to pass the bills, but Modi government tries to rule the country according to themselves.

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