Poll saying India as most unsafe country for women based on opinion, not data: Government

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New Delhi, June 27: The Union Ministry of Women and Child Development on Wednesday slammed the findings of a recent study that ranked India as the most dangerous country for women.

Dismissing the study by Thomson Reuters, titled “The world’s most dangerous countries for women 2018”, the ministry said that the proclamation is based on an opinion poll rather than any report or data.

“Ranking is based on a perception poll based on responses to simply 6 questions & has been conducted with 548 respondents, which have been defined by Reuters as ‘experts focused on women’s issues’. However, no info or opinion has been sought from this Ministry”, it added.

Thomson Reuters Foundation survey of 550 experts, which was released on Tuesday said India is the most dangerous country in the world for women due to the high risk of sexual violence and being forced into slave labour,forced marriage and sexual slavery .

The most startling thing is that survey ranks India as more dangerous for women than war-torn Afghanistan and Syria, which came in second and third place, respectively.


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