This shop in Gujarat sells sweets for Rs 9,000 per kg!

gujarat surat golden sweet

New Delhi, Aug 20: Any Indian festival is incomplete without sweets! With the festival of Raksha Bandhan which is to be held on August 26, shops are stacking a variety of these delicacies.

A shop in Gujarat’s Surat named ’24 Carats Mithai Magic’ is different from the rest as they are selling sweets for a whopping Rs 9,000 per kg.

The hefty price tag is due to their speciality- the sweets come with a covering of 24-carat pure gold leaf.

“As I entered the shop I was amazed. People in the shop told me that these sweets are good for health. I wish them luck and hope people of Surat are benefited with it,” said a customer talking with news agency ANI.

Generally, the sweets have silver work, which are sold starting from 300/- to 350/- per kg in the market. But this time, before Raksha Bandhan, this sweet shop in Surat, is selling sweets with gold work on them.

When asked how the idea of using gold was arrived at, Prince Mithaiwala, the owner of the shop, said that they came up with it keeping the health benefits of gold in mind. “In place of silver, we have used pure gold leaf as it is beneficial for health. A number of people are buying it as Rakhi is just around the corner,” he said.

These sweets known as ‘Gold Sweets’ are the centre of attraction for all the customers who enter the shop.


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