This model with flat belly and six-pack-abs is 6-months pregnant!

Sarah Stage

Los Angeles, July 18: Now flaunting baby bump is the latest trend followed by a number of actresses from Kareena Kapoor to Lisa Haydon, who were seen breaking taboos with utmost conviction. Hollywood stars like Natalie Portman and Beyonce also walked the Oscars red carpet flaunting their baby bump this time around.

But among all these, the 33-year-old pregnant model Sarah Stage is breaking the internet by flaunting her perfectly toned abs and flat belly. The model is so slim and fit, that it is hard to believe she is 6-months pregnant.

Even though fitness expert and mother of one Sarah Stage kept reaffirming that her workout regime has been approved by her doctor and her baby is fine.

While on the other hand, critics slammed her for neglecting her health and working too hard ignoring various risks during pregnancy.

The news is going viral on social media as people can’t believe she is 24 weeks pregnant.

Los Angeles based model shared her bikini-clad photos and even posted a nude one on her Instagram account. She had to face flak from a lot of expecting mums.

However, Many even alleged that she was bluffing and was lying about her pregnancy.

Noticing, this is not the first time she hit the headlines.

Two years back, during her first pregnancy with her son James, she drew similar flak on social media and sparked online debate.

She maintained her svelte figure even then and shut all critics after she gave birth to a healthy baby who weighed around 9 lbs (pounds) at birth.

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