Things You Should (Ideally) Do Before Getting Married

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Yes, we know many of you are toying with the idea of getting married – whether now or sometime in the future. so have a look which you can do!!!


1. Experiment! (Before anyone’s around to judge you ;))

Try new hobbies, new jobs, Essentially, push yourself to try as many new things as possible without anyone else around to judge you. Basically, face your fears.

2. Date. (Try a dating website/app like Tinder before you hit!)

It sounds obvious, we know, but you need to dip your feet in the sea before you settle for your very own swimming pool ;)


3. Fall in love and go through a heartbreak.

It’ll ultimately help you grow up and show you why sometimes things don’t work out.


4. Make peace with your parents after those rebellious teenage years.

Trust us, a good (adult) relationship with your parents will come in handy after you’re married, for when (if) things aren’t working out quite as you expected.

5. Get a pet (or a fish or a plant if you’d prefer to start slow or work very long hours ;))

So you know you can keep something besides yourself alive.

6. Go on a solo road trip.

It’ll teach you that sometimes it’s refreshing to be alone and it’ll help you clear your head.


7 . Learn to love and appreciate yourself.

It’s the first step to loving and appreciating your spouse as much! Be comfortable in your own skin and learn to enjoy your own company.z

8. Learn to cook. And, no, Maggi doesn’t count as food.

After all, how can you get married without knowing how to cook aloo gobi! ;)

9. Go on a holiday with your fiance or boyfriend.

Travelling usually brings out the best and the worst in people.


10. Party it up as much as you can with your single friends.

Once significant others come into the picture, it’s largely about people bringing their partners along


11. Move out of your parents’ home and learn to live the solo life.

If you’re sceptical about living alone, get a roommate! Learning how to run a household on your own is important.

12. And, finally, try living with the person you want to marry (if possible).

There’s no better way to test and strengthen your relationship and find out if you are truly compatible.


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