Things one should stop doing at hotels


New Delhi, Sep 25: While many are well-versed in hotel etiquette, there are certain weird things that people end up doing frequently — for instance asking for discounts at checkout to using hotel towels to clean, mop or wipe. Experts suggest steps that one should avoid practising during hotel stay.

Experts from a global travel meta-search engine Skyscanner and online community travellers Tripoto lists some steps:

* Hoarding toiletries: This may not be a peculiar trait of Indian travellers, but only we know how much we love freebies, especially when they smell so good. Sure, sneak away a bottle or two, but don’t go overboard. Imagine the awkwardness if your lotion and shampoo-packed suitcase pops open at checkout!

* Placing garbage outside your room along the corridor: When it comes to garbage disposal, we Indians could certainly use a tutorial or two. Remember the time when someone left out their garbage in the hotel lobby, and you had to pass by the ugly, smelly heap several times a day? Well, don’t be that guy!

* Making a big fuss out of little things: Sure you paid through your nose to stay at a fancy hotel, but that’s not reason enough to create a big ruckus if there happens to be a fly in your bedroom, or for that matter, in your soup. Most of the time it’s just a case of bad luck. And no, the hotel staff are not horrible people, out to get you. Make yourself heard, but politely.

* Using hotel towels and linen to clean, mop or wipe stuff: How would you react if someone told you that the towel you just wiped your face with had been on someone’s shoe or worse, been used to mop up a diaper accident? Revolting, right? Here’s what you could do instead the next time you are faced with a spill – call up the housekeeping staff and request for appropriate equipment.

* Asking for a discount at checkout: Haggling may be fine when you go shopping, but you will only invite angry stares if you try to ask for a discount at checkout because say, you skipped the free breakfast that day. Bargain like a pro while making your bookings but when it’s time to leave, be a sport and cough up whatever is due.

* Calling waiters with claps and finger clicks: If you have been doing this for a while, there’s a good chance that waiters have been spitting into your food. Ok, that may sound a bit extreme but you certainly won’t earn any warm vibes if you are rude to people who are serving you. On the contrary, being courteous and kind may, in fact, motivate waiters to be more accommodating and indulge you with special services or freebies.

* Talking loudly on the phone: This might be in our DNA or something, but it can be super annoying for everyone else around. We get that it’s an international call and all that, but you don’t have to make yourself heard across the continents. Whether you are in the dining area or relaxing by the poolside, keep your tele-conversations discreet. Nobody needs to know how much your mom misses you. If you must talk boisterously for some reason, walk back to your room or ask your friends and family if you can call back in a while.

* Insisting on room service after room service hours: Unless explicitly specified, most hotels provide food, beverages and room services only during certain hours. Calling the reception to have a hot biryani whipped up at three in the morning is just awful. And let’s not underestimate the power of cooks and waiters who want to get back at an annoying guest.

* Letting your kids run amok: Hotel staff is not obliged to take care of our children, however cute they may be. Their screams may make us feel at home but they piss the hell out of other guests, who are equally entitled to enjoy their stay at the hotel. Let’s pledge to keep our little tykes on a metaphorical leash the next time we check into a fancy place.


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