Theresa May faces crisis and counts on Northern Ireland MPs

Outrightly rejecting calls for her resignation after the Hung Parliament, Prime Minister Theresa May is considering to clinch a deal with the Democratic Unionists Party (DUP) to guide the UK through crucial Brexit talks.Also May is forced to relinquish two closet aides-joint chiefs of staff Nick Timothy and Flona Hill to reassert her authority.

May had been hoping to boost her mandate for Brexit negotiation which are due to begin in just 10 days’ time but the Hung Parliament has left Tories weakened  with less seats that fell below the 326 needed  to form a majority government and is now relying on a handful of Northern Ireland Parliamentarians.


The Conservative leader has been warned her days are numbered .However, the Democratic Unionist leader and first minister of Northern Ireland, Arlene Foster  said  she wants to “bring stability to our nation” by backing Theresa May and the Conservatives to continue in power the Guardian reported.Foster has informed that she was entering discussions with May over the details of any arrangement that would prop up a minority government.

Foster said the election in Northern Ireland, which saw 10 DUP MPs, including two new ones, elected to the Commons, was a “great result” for the union.Theresa May has said sorry to the Tory MPs and ministers who lost their seats due to her decision of holding elections.DUP and May’s party  share cordial relations since she became prime minister 11 months ago and are likely to enter into an agreement so as to stop Jeremy Corbyn  becoming prime minister.

 “We want there to be a government. We have worked well with May. The alternative is intolerable. For as long as Corbyn leads Labour, we will ensure there’s a Tory PM,” the Guardian quoted a DUP source.

The Tories won 318 seats, down 12, and will have to rely on the DUP to get things done. If some Conservative MPs desert the party on key votes  than May’s plans would be left in tatters.


Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader, has urged May to resign as he said she should “go and make way for a government that is truly representative of this country”.

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By : Arti Bali

Senior Journalist

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