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There’s evidence to open case against Trump: Bharara



Preet Bharara-WEFORNEWS-min

New York, June 12, 2017: Indian-American prosecutor Preet Bharara who was fired by Donald Trump’s administration in March, has said that said there were “absolute evidence” to begin a case for obstruction of justice against the President, the media reported.

The former US attorney for the Southern District of New York made the remarks in an ABC news interview on Sunday night when asked whether he believed that there was enough evidence for a case claiming that Trump tried to obstruct the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) probe into former national security adviser, Michael Flynn’s ties with Russian officials.

“There is absolutely evidence to begin a case for obstruction of justice by Trump,” Bharara said in his first television interview since being fired by Trump in March.

“No one knows right now whether there is a provable case of obstruction… there’s no basis to say there’s no obstruction.”

Bharara was in office until March when he and 45 other US attorneys remaining as holdovers from the former President Barack Obama’s administration were asked to step down.

Bharara, a friend and former colleague of James Comey — the FBI director fired by Trump in May — attended the Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on June 8 when Comey testified about conversations he had with the President about the agency’s overall Russia investigation and its probe into Flynn.

Bharara said in the ABC News interview that watching how Comey’s interactions with Trump and how his firing played out “felt a little bit like deja vu”.

The Indian-American said Trump, when he was still the president-elect, made a series of “unusual phone calls” to him.

“In reporting the phone call to the chief of staff to the attorney general I said, it appeared to be that he was trying to cultivate some kind of relationship,” Bharara said.

“It’s a very weird and peculiar thing for a one-on-one conversation without the attorney general, without warning between the president and me or any United States attorney who has been asked to investigate various things and is in a position hypothetically to investigate business interests and associates of the President.”

After Trump took office, Bharara refused to take one of Trump’s calls.

“The call came in. I got a message. We deliberated over it, thought it was inappropriate to return the call. And 22 hours later I was asked to resign along with 45 other people,” Bharara said.

“To this day I have no idea why I was fired,” Bharara added.



Industries face challenges in digital era: Merkel

We see that the rapid digitization of all areas of life, the increasing commitment of the economy, and the growing economies of the emerging economies



Angela Merkel

Berlin, March 22 : German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned German industries on Wednesday about losing competitiveness in the time of digitalisation.

As good as the German economy is at present, Merkel said there would be great changes in the German economy due to digitisation and globalisation, Xinhua quoted a statement as saying.

“We see that the rapid digitization of all areas of life, the increasing commitment of the economy, and the growing economies of the emerging economies,” said the Chancellor, referring to China.

“It is not guaranteed that Germany will be as economically prosperous in five or 10 years as it is today. After all, the drivers of digitisation would not be in Germany or Europe, but in the United States and Asia,” she added.

The economic framework has changed rapidly, the world economy is closely intertwined, and the world is quickly changing. The leading German industries have all been affected, said Merkel, who cited former telecom giant Nokia as a warning to German industries about falling behind the market.

“The social market economy must pass a new test,” said the Chancellor.

Politics must create a new framework for the challenges of the digital age, in which data is the raw material of the future, she added.

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25 dead in Kabul bombing



Kabul, March 21: At least 25 people lost their lives and 18 wounded in a suicide bombing in Afghanistan’s capital on Wednesday as people were celebrating Nawroz or New Year in the country, authorities said.

The incident happened near Kabul University in the afternoon, Tolo News reported.

The death toll could rise as emergency personnel were attending to the victims on the scene. Witnesses said they saw many casualties on the ground soon after the explosion, which is believed to have been a car bomb.

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Myanmar president U Htin Kyaw quits



Yangon, March 21: Myanmar President U. Htin Kyaw has stepped down according to an official release of the President Office on Wednesday.

He will take rest, Xinhua quoted the release as saying.


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