Theatre is the father of films and neither is poor cousin of other: Lushin Dubey

Lushin Dubey

Actress and theatre veteran Lushin Dubey feels that theatre has become more fearless over the years in terms of breaking the norms. She also calls the medium the father of films and stresses that it’s best to participate in both and not treat either like a poor cousin of the other.

“I think theatre has become more fearless over the years in terms of scripts , direction , music , costumes , breaking of norms and ideas. I do believe that having conviction in a project is more than 50 per cent success,” Lushin told IANS. in an email interview.

“Theatre is the father of films. For those who believe that success in the arts field is not measured by just monies and it’s makings, they will attest that theatre is a towering medium of expression, more powerful than most other mediums because it demands so much from an individual like expression, voice, physique and so many other skills,” Lushin said when asked about the changes that she has seen in the people’s mindset towards theatre over the years.

The Indian stage actor and director has directed, acted in and scripted many drama productions over 20 years. She is known for her solo plays “Untitled” and “Pinki Virani’s Bitter Chocolate” with theatre director Arvind Gaur.

She acted in films “Partition” and “Perfect Husband” in 2007 and “Murder Unveiled” in 2005 — for which she won the 2006 Gemini Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Featured Supporting Role in a Dramatic Program or Mini-Series.

Now she is back with yet another theatre production reinventing the popular story of “The Sleeping Beauty” along with Bubbles Sabharwal. The classic made the debut in a musical avatar at DLF Mall of India on December 28 and will go on till Saturday as a part of the ongoing “Funtastic” Festival.

“Kidsworld (her production company) has written and directed innumerable productions over the years and this one is a classic re-written completely. Importance is linked not just to the classic replaying (albeit an improvised version) but to all these factors that interplay in the kids presentation of their acting prowess on stage. Each environment offers a podium for fearlessness to grow and confidence to grow,” she said.

However when asked if theatre is facing challenges when it comes to attracting youth, she said that most youth are there in it.

“Some are immersed and some are impatient, wanting to make it quickly in the big world of films. It’s not that simple. Filmline and a successful entry into it may or may not happen. So it’s best to participate in both and not treat either like a poor cousin of the other. I strongly believe that working in both the mediums is important,” she said.

Lushin calls theatre her baby as is KidsWorld.

“It belongs to us I am not dependent on anyone for its operation or its movement forward. It belongs to us and our children. Not to be dependent on anyone gives us a liberated feeling. Besides, a film is a director’s medium and theatre is an actor’s medium Even in my adult acting and solo performances, I am dependent on no one but myself,” she told IANS.

Does she feel that senior actors are not getting enough roles in Bollywood films now?

“In India, age defines a lot on screen. There are a huge number of films being made. Mumbai is congested with actors wanting to make it — young, middle aged and older ones. There is no dearth of actors. Whatever has come my way has come through with no pushing from my side,” she said.

“I don’t even live in Mumbai. Also, I live partly in the US, so I do films because films have sought me, not the other way round,” she added.

Asked about her plans, Lushin said that her next piece is for adults.

“I plan to direct (the piece), but cannot disclose much about it right now. I like to soak off life. To never stop. To keep going with new thoughts, new ideas and new beginnings. I like the fact that I am restless and live in a world of imagination and dreams. Though I dream and plan I always surprise myself too. According to me that is the essence of joy, to not have everything predicted for you,” she said.

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