The technology is advancing so fast that it cannot be fathomed: Sibal on Aadhaar Card


Senior advocate Kapil Sibal, while arguing on behalf of petitioners challenging the constitutional validity of Aadhaar compared the Digital world with Jurrasic Park.

According to TOI, The senior advocate in Supreme Court said,”the digital world is like a Jurassic Park. The technology is advancing so fast that it cannot be fathomed, tamed or regulated. If one puts few facts about his health parameters on the digital world, the beast of technology is of such nature that within moments the digital world will analyse that data and tell netizens about the person which even he himself does not know. Why take a risk in such an unpredictable medium and expose the citizens’ privacy to blatant violations.”

While expressing his concerns over violation of the privacy due to centrally-stored Aadhaar database, Sibal said that there is no system in the world which can claim that it can not be hacked.

Comparing the use of biometric in unlocking the phone with Aadhar Card, Sibal said as there is a wider use of chinese mobiles  who knows if chinese companies are stealing our data. He stated the problem is similar with Aadhaar Card. Countering Sibal’s claim  Justice Sikri said that many smart phones have features by which phone can be unlocked with the face by using iris.  “This means it is using iris as the password to unlock the phone. This means, the user willingly gives iris to the phone maker,” Justice Sikri added.

With Inputs from TOI 

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