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The importance of being Taimur Ali Khan



Taimur Ali Khan

With due apologies to Aamir, Shah Rukh and Salman, the biggest Khan superstar of India currently is Taimur Ali Khan.

As he turned all of two on December 20, his proud, paparazzi-wary parents whisked him away to Africa, far away from the cameras which love him the way only a true star is loved. At two, little Tim (as he is affectionately called by his father) is fully aware of his best camera angles. He calls out to the paparazzi who adore him and always ensure his comfort before clicking.

What he wears, and the random words that lisp off his lips become the trending topics of the day. And the child loves every bit of the attention.

So is Taimur, my most favourite member of the Pataudi clan after his grandmother Sharmila Tagore, the most popular star-kid in the world? Tom Cruise’s Suri comes close. The little girl was followed around by the paparazzi to describe her clothes, shoes and purse. In no time at all, little Suri acquired adult mannerisms and turned into quite a poseur.

In spite of all the media attention, Taimur remains blissfully uncorrupted. Yes, he loves the flashbulbs and the media attention, but he does’t strike poses. Not as yet.

taimur ali khan yash roohi johar

At two, Taimur is a force that the photographers cannot do without. According to glam shooters in Mumbai, a picture of Taimur fetches a higher price than that of Salman Khan. And Taimur effortlessly lords over the below-five brigade of star-kids. His popularity exceeds that of Aamir Khan’s son Azad and Shah Rukh’s AbRam.

Such is his popularity in the public domain that Taimur needs constant surveillance. He is no danger of any kind. It’s just that he attracts way too much attention for a child his age. His parents fear their Tim may soon lose his innocence. Or else, the paparazzi may soon lose interest in Tim, and move on to another star-kid.

Too young to understand how the media operates, Taimur may lose all the attention overnight without knowing why the photographers have disappeared.

We must guard against the child’s first heartbeak when he is no more the darling of the paparazzi. We all know how savagely Taimur’s parents were trolled for naming their son after a cruel invader. Nothing that the original Taimur did can match the cruelty of the trolls gunning for little Taimur’s parents for their child’s name.

I am glad they stuck to their guns. Imagine if they had re-christened him Tarachand or Timothy.

Would he have been as popular? As Tim turns a year older we can only hope that he gets the same attention in the future that he is getting now. A tall order, I know. Children born with golden spoons often find that spoon snatched away from their mouths. That such a thing can ever happen to Taimur is heartbreaking, to say the least.

So let’s all think only positive thoughts for the Golden Nawab. Dear Taimur, Tim, Timmy, Tim-Tim… may you shine brighter than both your parents.

Oops, you already do.
By Subash K. Jha

(Subhash K. Jha writes on films. Views expressed are personal. He can be contacted at [email protected])


People still get moved by Anuradha Paudwal’s performances, says son Aditya




New Delhi, Jan 22 : It has been a while since singer Anuradha Paudwal lent her voice to Bollywood films. But her son Aditya Paudwal, a music arranger and producer, says the singer, who now focuses more on devotional music, is still able to move people through her performances.

Anuradha has given many hit Bollywood songs like “Dil hai ke manta nahin”, “Jaane jigar jaaneman” and “Mujhe neend na aaye”.

Asked if he misses her singing Bollywood songs, Aditya told IANS in an email interview: “She has made a mark in devotional music. People still get moved by her performances. I have seen people’s lives changing after listening to her devotional ‘aartis’ and ‘mantras’.

“I would like to come up with a composition for my mother,” he added.

Meanwhile, Aditya is currently associated with “Thackeray”. He is the song arranger and producer of “Saheb tu” from the film which is based on the life of Shiv Sena founder, the late Bal Thackeray.

“When I was working with (composers) Rohan-Rohan on a Marathi film’s score, they had mentioned to me about this song which they wanted on a epic scale with symphonic kind of an arrangement. This song basically shows the journey of Balasaheb Thackeray,” he said.

“This is the first time that a 72-piece orchestra has recorded in one go in a studio,” he added.

On why the song has an European feel, Aditya shared: “The film is set in the 1950s to the 1960s.”

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Madhavan’s painfully long transformation for ‘Rocketry…’




Mumbai, Jan 22 : Actor R. Madhavan says getting the look of scientist and aerospace engineer S. Nambi Narayanan for “Rocketry – The Nambi Effect” was a “painfully long” process.

“The process took painfully long…about 2 days of sitting on a chair for 14 hours at a stretch,” Madhavan said in a statement.

“Initially it looked easy but later I realised how tough it was on the body,” he added.

The actor says getting the look right is “definitely half the battle won”.

“But the other half was really really tough because the age group I’m playing is around 70-75. Mr. Nambi is a very good-looking man and he has got his own charm and charisma so it took me around two-and-a-half years to actually imbibe him and learn how to walk like him.It wasn’t easy and it’s probably one of the toughest looks and characters I’ve had to pull off”.

The film is based on the life of the scientist. As a senior official at the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), Narayanan was in-charge of the cryogenics division. In 1994, he was charged with espionage and arrested. The charges against him were dismissed by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) in 1996 and the Supreme Court declared him not guilty in 1998.

Madhavan has got the look right, and the actor says the biggest encouragement came from Narayanan himself.

“Nambi sir couldn’t stop laughing and getting amused by my look. There are so many pictures on the set that it looks almost eeriely how similar we both look.”

The film is slated for a release later this year.

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Entertainment industry is run by a glamorous mafia: Pahlaj Nihalani

Dropping another bomb, Nihalani says he suspects the hands of some big guns in sabotaging “Rangeela Raja”.



Pahlaj Nihalani

Mumbai, Jan 22 :Govinda, “Rangeela Raja”, Pahlaj Nihalani-backed comeback vehicle for Govinda, did not open well. Nihalani says it is because his film did not get the theatres required as the entertainment industry is run by a “glamorous mafia”.

“I am being targeted for my blunt views on the workings of censor board, and because of me, my leading man Govinda is being targeted. If you ask me, Govinda and I have the maximum number of enemies in the film industry,” Nihalani said.

Lamenting the lack of theatres for “Rangeela Raja”, Nihalani says he was refused a release in places like Bihar and Jharkhand.

“These are traditional strongholds of Govinda. And not a single theatre in Patna or Ranchi agreed to play ‘Rangeela Raja’. Why? Because my film is bad? Are only quality films released in theatres? And who decides that my film is substandard? A handful of critics for whom I did not have a press show, so they are upset with me and they are taking it out on my film,” he said.

Dropping another bomb, Nihalani says he suspects the hands of some big guns in sabotaging “Rangeela Raja”.

“I know who they are. I know the people who want to finish off Govinda and me. The entertainment industry is run by a glamorous mafia. They all sit, eat, sleep and make movies together. Solo producers like me with no corporate backing are being pushed out of the film industry in the name of corporotization,” he said.

But Nihalani says he isn’t going away anywhere.

“I belong to this industry as much as those who are currently monopolising the A-list stars. I will make another film with Govinda and prove he too is an A-list star.”

Nihalani says he has always believed in introducing new talent and will continue to do so.

“I introduced Govinda and Chunky Pandey. In ‘Rangeela Raja’ I’ve introduced Mishika Chourasia. I am confident she has a very bright future. Unless the industry will punish her for being Pahlaj Nihalani’s protege.”

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