The great Indian story of demonetisation: Public awestruck by star performer Modi

Modi- address to the nation

By Priyanka Gupta

New Delhi, November 26: On the evening of November 8 when Prime Minster Narendra Modi addressed the nation, everyone was glued to their seats, gazing television screen. The Prime Minister of the country was live all of a sudden. Without a cue, a live band on the TV screen flashed and fluttered up wings of excitement, curiosity and fear of unknown in the minds of 125 crore Indian audience.

What started as PM’s crusade on black money turned into a debacle to stash 86 % currency of the country and the audience gaped into awe and shock of the demonetisation drive. Nobody knew how to react. The Indian populace abided by the honourable head of the state by joining in the bank and ATM queues, when the windows to exchange and deposit money opened up on the permissible day.

18 days have passed since PM Modi promised LIVE to the nation about how currency ban would cease black money and corruption that has crippled Indian economy from 70 years. He urged countrymen to follow the currency ban order for the benefit of the next generation.

In these 18 days, Indian economy fared abruptly. What we saw can be sum up as newspaper headlines, such as:

  1. Public in complete distress
  2. Cash crunch crippled the nation
  3. More than 50 people have died
  4. Banks and ATMs continue to be flocked for easing cash woe
  5. Industry growth marred
  6. GDP growth forecast tumbled
  7. Rupee fell lowest level in 39 months
  8. Buying stops, consumption affected; people spending on necessities
  9. Opposition unites to protest in the parliament against “illegal” currency ban
  10. Supreme Court bashes government for bad implementation of demonetisation policy
  11. SC asks center to take immediate steps to meet public’s woes
  12. Weddings cancelled, postponed
  13. Farmers worried. Rabi crop hurt in middle of cash crunch; If sowing is affected, so would be the yield; Indian government under scanner for hurting the agriculture output next year

The list can go long as Indian economy has seen the worst overhaul since independence and that too, on the name of their good fortune in long run. The government wants to bring digitalization and support ebanking, while more than 50 % of India doesn’t have bank in their vicinity till date.
After 15 days Prime Minister sought citizen’s opinion on the mission currency seizure of India. Opposition slammed center for beating around the bush by running tainted survey and demanded roll back of the decision.

Foreign Media wholeheartedly bashed out economic sense of Indian PM for bold decision while scrutinizing the viability of currency ban in the country where 80-90 % transactions are done in cash.

So, the great Indian story of demonetisation runs on dazzling performance of Prime Minister Modi on the evening of November 8. The tale will roll on till December 30 and may continue to drive your life in cash catastrophe till the banks seek the required money bills, as the printing of new Rs 500 notes is another point of scuffle for anyone who is visiting ATMs to release their bills since November 8.

While the riches are busy turning black money into white, the rest of the Indians who are witnessing the clamour of the note ban motion would be interested in knowing that the address by PM was scripted well in advance. The November 8 address to the nation by PM Modi was not live.

The scripting part would not matter much, as decisions of such a tall order ought to be devised by the people of intellect. That is what planning is all about!

However one cannot ignore “NOT LIVE” cliché here.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi who holds full majority in the parliament, does he need umbrella of LIVE MEDIA BAND to overshadow the prominence of the bold decision to demonetize 86% of currency on TV? Why PM lied to the nation?

Doordarshan Journalist and researcher Satyender Murli has claimed that the lopsided currency ban decision by Prime Minister Narendra Modi was propogated as LIVE address to the nation so as to deceive countrymen.

He also said that PM’s speech was purposely played LIVE despite being recorded and edited. Running such a telecast is illegal as well as unethical. He has further said that prime minister has lied to the whole nation.

The address to the nation was written many days before the telecast and it clearly breaches the RBI’s autonomy to take such decisions.

What invigorates the claims of Satyender Murli are RTIs regarding the case being muffled by the prime minister office. Murli says his RTI (PMOIN/R/2016/53416) was snubbed by PMO and was sent across to Department of Economic Affairs and Television and Broadcasting Ministry. RTI transfer numbers are DOEAF/R/2016/80904 and MOIAB/R/2016/80180. As recording was conducted in PMO itself, RTI should have been addressed by them, opines Murli. Murli criticises the faux being spread by the prime minister of keeping a complete secrecy of the decision while it was pre recorded.

As prime minister is picking up silence in the parliament over the demonetisation debate, it is well anticipated that PMO will continue to spot on mute button over Murli’s RTI while the nation continues to stay awestruck by the star performance of PM Modi and his Modinomics.

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