The Embassy of CP more than 1 decade, Menu is still the same

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The Embassy was established in 1948 and has survived the devastate of time. The restaurant located at heart of the city Cannaught Place is spread lavishly over two floors and the class which is so very missing from loud and noisy eateries.

Governments, policies, tastes, generation spin and globalization surprisingly has had no impact on the restaurant which has made no changes in its menu ever since it was established in 1948. During summer of 1948, two friends had to leave their flourishing restaurant in Pakistan and refuge in India.
As the duo didn’t allowed their spirit to die and for that they laid the foundation of the restaurant. The Embassy has prospered all there years on the same values sowed by two friends.

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The reason of not changing the menu since 1948, Savar Malhotra, proprietor said,“”Our clients have refused changes made in the menu and so we resist from experimenting with our traditional dishes, though we keep adding new ones from time to time. We have a dish called Tomato Fish. It is made by tossing potato fingers and fish in homemade tomato sauce. When we tried to make it slightly innovative by making the finger chips crisp, a gentleman who was our regular got really upset and asked us categorically not to ever make changes in old dishes”.

As The Embassy is soon to enter its 70th year, here is a glimpse of its famous dishes that have stood the ravages of time and taste as delicious as they did years ago. Embassy Samosa (1948), Tandoori Chicken (1948), Embassy Pudding (1948), Murg Musallam (1952), Dal Meat (1954), Fresh Cheese Cutlet (1974).

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