The Draft National Education Policy, 2016 fit for dustbin only

kapil sibal

Congress MP of Rajya Sabha and the ex HRD minister, Kapil Sibal, during a discussion held in Rajya Sabha on the draft National Education Policy,2016 tore apart it by saying that the draft lacks of direction.

According to Sibal the key issues of any education policy should have three Key elements and should address three issues namely..1)Issue of access, 2)Issue of Quality and 3)Issue of Equity and BJP government has failed miserably on these three counts. Sibal was curious to know as what kind of education policy BJP wants to bring which excludes minorities, SCs and STs.He further quoted the Gross Enrolment Ratio(GER) which is the ratio of students moving from class twelve to the university level.

GER was 12.4% in year 2009 at the start of UPA II which reached 19% by 2014 when Congress went out of power. The GER for the OECD countries is 27% while same for the country like US is as high as 50%.He suggested govt to look education from the eye of a child as they are the heart of country. More children in the university mean more innovation as all ideas are ceded into university system and in turn the industry turns that innovation into reality.

He has his doubts about foreign university investing into educational institutions as the funds required is huge. The need of the hour is bringing ICT or the information technology into the system for which a massive fibre optic network is required. The UPA govt allocated a massive 20,000 crore for spreading the optical fibre network but unfortunately the BJP govt didn’t take the scheme forward.

On the equity issues Sibal lamented about the abysmal figures for his own state UP which together with Bihar has maximum number of children and the draft education policy fails to acknowledge this. He further shocked the house by saying that participation of Muslim students is as low as 6% in rural areas at the higher secondary level while same for the Hindus stands at 13% in urban and 10% in rural area.

He further said that basic soul of education should be free from ideology while BJP’s education policy smacks of RSS policies. Sibal alleged that BJP is hell bent upon destroying the institutes of eminence like ICHR and NBT. The NBT head happens to be the past editor of RSS mouthpiece Panchjanya which is horrific to say the least.

He also talked about the poor standard of trained teachers in the country and threw a bombshell by revealing that 99% of teachers have failed in their Central Eligibility Test(CET) and the State Eligibility Test(SET) and the draft education policy fails to mention this key element. He said that education is not about politics, it’s about empowerment, it’s about the future of 20 crore of our children, it’s about their future because this is the future of country as well. He also found the idea of 100 Innovation University as ridiculous.

He wondered as what kind of innovation will be introduced in these universities, will it be RSS ideology? Sibal told the house that the BJP is cut away from the reality as the world is altogether going in different direction as they are moving towards ICT which demands a different approach and mindset.Lastly, he suggested BJP to come with a white paper instead of draft education policy as he is game for discussing it in the house.

Sibal concluded his twenty minutes plus address by suggesting that the present draft education policy is only good for a dustbin as the real policy needs to be inclusive of various sections of society and which could only be achieved by employing the eminent ,bright and the real educationists and taking opposition into confidence at the same time, as the stake is too high to be left in the hands of BJP and their mentor RSS.


BY chanderkent from wefornews

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