Thank your Future makers on Teacher’s day

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The one who bears us, our stupid questions and funny jokes

Still clears us, all for our success not only to complete the course

who cares for us when we go off track

always stands there to remain always in our contact

makes us smile when we feel upset

the one who wants our future set

wish to see us on the top of the world

also teaches us that there is no shortcut

encourages us to climb up on a hill

think once about her position and do not let this place kill

the person who feels good when u smile

with selfless motive want you to walk miles

when we do mistakes, disrespects her she also feels cry

but never shy to say sorry, if she teaches us everything then why you lie

always love and respect the one who never let your spirit down

do not let her hard work waste who takes us to the winning crown

Thanks to a flowery person who helps us in every circumstance

don’t think your life will give you another chance

to be with such a great , beautiful, knowledgeable, lovable guidance

This is not only a word which can be understood

they are like a god/goddess who helps to find a real you

-Shivangi Raghav



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