Tent collapses during PM Modi’s speech at Midnapore’s rally, 22 injured

Midnapore, July 16 : Over 20 people were injured when a portion of the tent collapsed as soon as Prime Minister Narendra Modi began addressing a rally in West Bengal’s Midnapore on Monday, triggering panic among people.

PM Modi was forced to stop his speech as a canopy of the rally collapsed.

It had been raining heavily since morning and was drizzling at the time the canopy collapsed.

The situation was so chaotic that when the structure started collapsing, PM Modi stopped his speech  and instructed the SPG personnel to look after the people and attend to the injured.

After giving instructions to the SPG , Modi continued with his speech .

The injured were taken to hospital on motorcycles and even by the ambulance. PM Modi later visited the injured in hospital.


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